Y’know…Just chillin’ in the afterlife.

Aaaaaand somewhere in the afterlife: 

"Reed, you promised you’d be careful." Shane sighed as his new cobalt blue angel wings twitched, signifying his disgruntled emotions. 

"I promised to try and survive. Nothing was even trying to kill me at first. I tripped." Reed pointed out, his own lavender wings adjusting to stay out of the way as he seated himself on his boyfriend’s lap. 

The twins swooped down from their own cloud (which was hovering above Shane’s) to scoop Reed up in their arms, their bright golden wings propelling them through the air before plopping the artist back into Shane’s arms. 

"Oh, little dormouse. We had so much faith in you." The twins chorused. 

Kurt and Wes were seated on a dark, ominous cloud a little ways off, peering over the edge of it and watching down wistfully, Kurt’s teal wings and Wes’ green wings spilling over as both boys were flopped on their stomachs.

"Oh Blaine." Kurt said with a choked-sigh, one hand fisting the puffy platform and the other hand tugging gently at his shirt collar. 

"Be careful, man." Wes whispered, his hands running through his short black hair. 

Justin Bancroft was a pure-white blur as he zoomed over the layers of cloud, looking down at Valedall Manor with a worried expression, accompanied by a silver burst which was Chaz. Alongside them flew a forest-green-winged Bailey, headphones over his ears as he scanned the damage.

Merril was seated in spencer’s arms, her coral-pink wings almost intertwining with her boyfriend’s sky blue ones in a hand-holding gesture as they watched the chaos at the manor intently. 

A pale-yellow winged Micah was seated happily on his cloud, surrounded by his entire library of books, arranged and stacked neatly. 

And somewhere below the light, airy layers of afterlife, a gray winged Dwight houston, sweaty and exhausted, was trying to smash through the barrier separating the two worlds to save his friends before it was too late. 

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