Squid in the Afterlife…

One minute, darkness was closing all around him, leaving him and his last seconds of waning consciousness to think about this all. Julian was bisexual? And even more, Julian loved him

And the next minute, a burst of light and Logan was falling. 

He grunted as pure white billowing angel wings sprouted from his back, immediately using them to shakily flap to the nearest cloud, containing a few of the newly-deceased. 

"Logan! Oh my god, what happened!? Is Blaine alright?" Kurt gasped, eyes wide.

"Dude, is David okay!? What’s going on?" Wes gaped. 

"Derek, Julian, Adam! What about everyone else? Are they alright!?" Bailey said, wringing his hands with a worried expression on his face. 

"Yeah…Jules is…alright. I hope." Was all the blonde could say. 

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