[…I don’t quite remember if Rachel had ever met him in canon. Oh well.]

"Rachel, hand me that vase over there?" Kurt said, gesturing to where the blue glass sat on the table by the door. 

"Sure. I don’t quite understand why we’ve got to do all of this for your friend to walk through the door." Rachel said, brow furrowing a little as she picked up the vase carefully and deposited it into the pillowcase Kurt was holding open. 

"Oh, you’ll see. It’s not just him…everyone in my school has habits of breaking things…purposely or accidentally." Kurt muttered as he put the pillow case on the couch before heading back to where Rachel was standing. 

"I think that’s everything-"

The front door swung open with a crash, making Rachel jump. Kurt dismissed it as casually as if it were the dryer buzzer. 

"I’m here!”

A small ceramic candle holder perched on the nearby shelf wobbled rapidly before taking a dive to the floor, Kurt snatching it with Cheerio-training-reaction-time before it hit the ground.

"I can see that, welcome Julian." 

"Ah. This is your friend?" Rachel said with her usual semi-calm tone. 

"Friend…enemy…rival in romance, if you’d like to call him that." Kurt said, putting the piece of ceramic on the table before turning to where his two friends were standing. 

"Not so much rival in romance anymore…acquaintance." Julian added with a wry smile, fixing the strap on his leather messenger bag. 

Rachel stepped forward, having to somewhat look up at the brunette as she held out her hand.

"Rachel Barbra Berry. The talent and musical heart of McKinley’s New Directions." Rachel said.

"Julian Larson-Armstrong. The bitch and celebrity of Dalton Academy as a whole." Julian said with a smirk. Rachel gave Julian a look that was more neutral than anything else.

"Kids, food’s ready!" Carol’s voice called from the kitchen.


"So…how do you kiss him…?" 

Kurt snorted and batted Julian on the back of the head with his napkin, earning a glower from the actor.

"I’m serious! He’s…what, five foot three?" 

"He, is almost five foot eight. He just looks that short because you’re nearly Brightman tall." Kurt said with a raised eyebrow. 

"I think he’s short no matter who looks at him. Anderson is tiny. You can’t argue.” 

"I agree with Julian on this one, Blaine really does have a very short stature." 

"Oh, you two with your skyscraper boyfriends." 

Rachel smiled a little, turning to Julian as she brushed cookie crumbs off the collar of her lavender pajama top. 



"Do tell." 

Julian paused to sip from his bottle of Sprite before speaking. He was surprised that Rachel didn’t react with more surprise, because he wasn’t exactly openly bisexual yet. But then again, he’d been realizing that this girl was full of surprises. 

"Well…he’s tall, as Kurt mentioned. And blonde-"


Julian nodded. 

"He’s taller than the twins." Kurt added helpfully, breaking a Hershey’s bar in half and handing half to Julian.

"Taller than Finn. Impressive. Blue eyes?"

"Pale green. Really, really green." 

"I think I’ve seen him before. At the Valentine’s Fair. He was in the Information Tent."

"That was him."

"What’s his name again?"

"Logan. Logan Wright." Julian picked a few crumbs off his navy and red Dalton pajama bottoms. Kurt had been surprised at what the celebrity had brought to sleep in. A black t-shirt and lounge pants was the least Julian ensemble he could’ve predicted, but then again, maybe he just had this mental image of Julian always looking movie star-flawless 98% of the time. In the ensemble he was wearing now, Julian looked less "Julian Larson-Armstrong" and more "Julian". 

"Oh! The leader of the Dalton Academy Warblers, I remember now." Rachel said, realization in her eyes. 

"I could hardly call him that." Julian snorted. 

"The Warblers don’t really have a leader…well…we do…but student-wise, it’s more like who gets the most solos." Kurt shrugged, leaning into his pillow. 

"Speaking of leaders and solos, I have to show you a new revisionism I made on the document I made for Mister Schue…" Rachel said, pulling a folder from her duffle bag. 


The chatter between the three Divas would last into four AM. They spent their time binging on junk food, discussing Julian’s new projects and roles, talking about their boyfriends and comparing music. Rachel had handed her solo document to Julian, who, being practically trained to read contracts and find errors, skimmed through and found at least five loopholes. The first one to fall asleep was the regularly sleep-deprived Julian, then Rachel, then Kurt. 

Although he wasn’t one to admit it, he greatly appreciated a little quality time away from his job and school. And his debates and discussions with the ever-interesting Rachel Berry wouldn’t be forgotten easily, of course. 

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