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Song: Just Haven't Met You Yet
Artist: Damian and Cameron
Album: The Glee Project (Bonus Tracks)
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"…Justin, you okay?" Danny asked as Justin walked alongside him. 

"Yeah, fine. Why do you ask?" Justin said with a wide grin.

"Well…considering that grin, something good happened." Spencer added, elbowing his friend in the ribs.

"Yeah." Justin nodded, feeling much too giddy at midnight. He was patrolling on prefect duty, after his first date with Charlie Amos. Bloody hell, Charlie freaking Amos. Who would’ve ever thought?

"I’m gonna be right back." Justin said, heading up the stairs. 

He grabbed his iPhone and earbuds, finding a Radio App and choosing his favorite station. 

Hanover was especially calm tonight, so it wouldn’t be so terrible if he listened to a little music. 

It didn’t matter what song came on next, he found himself singing along. 

Wow, Bancroft. You might as as well be Laura with all the swooning.

Justin thought to himself.


Charlie was listening to his iPod, just about waltzing around his bedroom in lovesickness as he sung, unknowingly making a duet with his fellow prefect across the way. 

"What do you suppose is wrong with him?" Ethan asked from where they were watching from the open door.

"…Drugs?" Evan shrugged.

Calm down, Amos. It’s just Justin, your best friend. 


It’s just Chaz.

It’s just Justin. 



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