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Song: Ministry of Magic
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Kurt quirked an eyebrow as he noticed some of the students a little ways down the hall scattering about, almost as if they were getting out of the way of something. Or someone. 

"Hurry up, you little berks!" He heard a voice shout, and some hufflepuff first years skittered to the sides of the hall, just short of pressing themselves up against the window panes. 

"Yeah, I’d like to get to my common room today. If that’s alright with you duffers.” Another voice snorted. 

Finally three students, sixth year Slytherins, pushed through to the front of the crowds of students. 

"Who are they?" Kurt muttered to Blaine, who was seated next to him on the bench.

"What," Blaine looked up from his Transfiguration textbook. "Oh. The blond, that’s John Logan Wright III. Most of us just call him Logan." A shining badge pinned onto Logan’s robe caught Kurt’s eye. 

"He’s prefect?" 

"Mm. He’s got one hell of a temper, the prat." 

"And who’s that beside him?"

Blaine looked at the boy with the light brown hair on Logan’s left with an air of disgust.

"That’s Derek Seigerson. One of Logan’s wingmen, and captain of the Slytherin Quidditch team. He’s supposedly the best first Chaser Slytherin’s had in decades, but I don’t believe a word of it."

"And the boy with the sunglasses?"

"Julian Larson. Supposedly, he’s some big celebrity in muggle entertainment or something. He’s a complete menace, and some fellow Gryffindors have notions he was Bellatrix Lestrange in a past life."

Judging on the way the brunette boy was stalking down the hall, looking like he was planning to start clubbing students out of the way with the Potions textbook he was holding, Kurt honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he had been.

"Move." Julian shouted, and with a wave of his oak and phoenix feather wand, a wooden bench was pulled out from under two Ravenclaws and over to the three.

The three plopped down onto it, Julian scooting closer to Logan. 

"…Are they…"

"Mm." Blaine nodded. Julian and Logan were the power couple of the school. Not a single soul messed with Julian, otherwise they’d face the rath of Logan. No one even crossed Logan, lest they be attacked by Julian. 

Kurt had to contain a disgusted sort of glower as Logan sneered at Blaine before attacking Julian’s mouth with his own.

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