In Which Dalton Has A Flip!Day:

[Like…you get a partner, and they act/dress as you, and you dress/act like them.]

(Inspired by this picture)



Derek’s eyes were wide with horror as the doors to the common room flew open and Logan Wright strutted in. Yes, strutted. The blond was wearing his hair free of gel and hanging a little in his face, along with wayfarer sunglasses. Four buttons on his white button down were popped open, revealing much too much neck to begin with. His tie was undone, and hung loosely around his neck. 

"Oh my g- Logan. Dude." Derek pressed a hand to his temple as Logan stalked over to the freshman who was occupying the seat next to the athlete. 

"Move." The blond said with an over-exaggerated finger snap, sending the 9th grader running.

Logan plopped into the seat, crossing one leg over the other. 

"….You’re way too in-key with your boyfriend." Derek snorted.

Logan made a ‘psh’ noise that sounded very similiar to the actor. 


Later, in the Dining Hall.

Everything seemed normal until Derek punched Logan’s shoulder.

"Ouch! D!" Logan hissed.

"Holy fuck. Look at this." The athlete mumbled, and Logan removed his sunglasses to further confirm what he was seeing. 

A BLOND Julian Larson, hair slicked back with gel as he loped towards Windsor’s table.

"What is he doing? Oh my g- Derek! Man! What is he doing-"

Julian walked right up to Kurt, and most of the conspirators burst into laughter. It was a little unusual to see Julian in full uniform and put-together. 

Kurt had to muffle his giggles with the nearest napkin.

And then Julian dropped down on one knee.

"Oh, Kurt! I am so in love, with you, Kurt! From New York to Frankfurt! I sing my love aloud to Kurrrrrrrrrrrt!"

And the entire Dining Hall burst out into laughter and applause, the actual Logan Wright much too aghast to say anything. 

Han Westwood would have record and mp3s of “Logan’s song” for years to come, and would continue to anonymously patch them into Dalton’s intercom system. 

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