When I Grow Up

[When I Grow Up, cover by Mayday Parade.]

Julian was screwed. 

Well…educationally screwed. 

Who knew that “I was in California, babysitting Brangelina’s kids. But I got time to get you *insert incredibly famous star*’s autograph.” would stop working as an excuse to avoid those stupid and pointless essays? 

And now he had twelve essays, each over eight pages long, due in two days. And two episode manuscripts to memorize. He couldn’t get all this done. 

"Dean Ramsey, would a benefit concert and autograph session, all money made going directly to the school, be available to lighten my load a little?"

"Julian, at this school, we don’t take bribes."

"My last album went double platinum a few days ago, and oh yes, I heard the fans are rampant over it…"


So that was how he was standing on an outdoor stage (that he himself had paid for to have set up in the central courtyard) and getting ready for the Julian Larson-Armstrong Dalton Academy Fundraiser Concert. 

Logan walked by, carrying his schoolbag and a handful of new textbooks. 

Julian straightened up, waving his boyfriend over. 

"Julian Larson-Armstrong Dalton Academy Fundraiser Concert. I think you’ve sponsored every thing on this earth, other than oxygen itself." Logan snorted as he set his books down on a nearby amplifier. 

Julian rolled his eyes, tapping a microphone to make sure it was working. 

"So I suppose I’ll see you at the concert?" Julian said matter-of-factly. 


Julian looked up, his look of curiosity shifting to a perturbed look. 


"No, I will not stand around amidst the crowd of screaming pre-pubescent girls and middle-aged women wearing your face on their shirts just to hear you sing." 

"Well, what a supportive boyfriend you are, Lo." Julian said with venom in his tone as he subtly knocked the small amplifier hard with his heel, sending Logan’s bag and textbooks crashing to the cobblestone before turning to make a call to Westwood about the lighting and subwoofers. 

Logan glowered, nearly making a cruel comment before he stopped himself, gathered his books and left.


A few hours later, Stuart House itself was preparing for warfare with the fangirls. 

"PLEASE CAN WE COME INSIDE!?" A crowd of tweenage girls had squealed from the 1st floor window in the common room. 

"NO!" Derek and Logan had shouted, pulling the shutters down. 


"HE’S NOT HERE, CALM YOUR HORMONES!" Derek shouted as he flitted to all the shutters, pulling them down until no more bright red "Larsonholic" or "Juliaddict" signs could be seen.

"Oh boy….we’re in trouble." Bailey bit his bottom lip as the rather violent banging on the windows persisted. 

"Yes." Logan and Derek sighed, grabbing rolls of black duct tape to cover up the room numbers, just in case any of the pre-pubescent monsters wormed their way into the House. 


He said he wouldn’t be here. So why was he here? 

Well, the trending topics on twitter (JULIAN LARSON, LARSON SEX RIOT, LARSONHOLICS) delivered some concern…along with the significant counts in Exploding Ovary and UNF gifs on tumblr. 

Logan sighed as he awkwardly squirmed his way through the waves of fans, finding his way to the far end of the courtyard, which had significantly less screaming. 

Julian hadn’t even started his third song, and the fans were going wild. 

Julian came back on stage, taking another swig from a water bottle before setting it down on the amp as the band got ready to play. 

And Logan was pretty sure the actor had spotted him, and he’d either have to think up a good excuse for later or never hear the end of it. 

Julian was dressed in a dark red button down, the sleeves rolled up and showing tanned, toned arms. Paired with the tight dark-wash jeans and the white vans, Logan had to admit he looked pretty fuckable right then and there. 

And then he started singing. 

"Boys call you sexy-" Julian murmured into the microphone, his voice a little husky as the crowd went wild. 

"What’s up, sexy?" Julian smirked, winking (or so it seemed) at a petite brunette about seventeen or eighteen in the rows farther back, and the girl immediately looked faint. Logan, who was directly behind that girl, felt a little lightheaded himself.

"And you don’t care what they say, see every time you turn around, they’re screaming your name." And on cue came the shouts of "JULIAN!" and the stirring of the fans. 

"Now, I’ve got a confession…when I was young, I wanted attention." Julian ran a hand through his hair, tousling it more as Logan’s tongue flicked along his bottom lip of its own accord. Fuck. 

"And I promised myself that I’d do anything…anything at all for them to notice me…" 

"But I ain’t complaining-" Julian gave a nonchalant shrug, exposing a bit more of his neck and collarbone thanks to his shirt that was unbuttoned much too low, and Logan was questioning why his brain wasn’t exactly functioning well. 

"We all wanna be famous. So go ahead and say what you wanna say, you don’t know what it’s like to be nameless, want them to know what your name is." Julian walked further down into center stage, the fans growing wilder and louder with every step he took. 

“‘Cause see…when I was younger, I would say-“

And without a warning, Julian front-flipped so he was almost on the extreme-edge of the stage, his hair all over his face, and the crowd exploded. Logan stared. Julian never told him he could front flip. Where did that even come from…!?

"When I grow up, I wanna be famous. I wanna be a star, I wanna be in movies."

"When I grow up, I wanna see the world. Drive nice cars, I wanna have groupies." 

Julian did a one handed cartwheel to the other side of the stage, all of his movement flowing gracefully and boldly at the same time. 

"When I grow up, be on TV, people know me. Be on magazines."

"When I grow up, fresh and clean-" Julian stopped moving, only to put a palm to his chest and move it down his body while moving his hips in a way that had Logan struggling to remember how to breathe. Fuck. Why hadn’t he been there for the other two songs!?

"Number one boy when I step out on the scene." Julian removed his sunglasses and tossed them into the audience, fans scrambling for a single piece of the actor. 

Julian held the microphone close to his microphone, his voice the tad bit rough, while still remaining “Julian.” 

"Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it-" 

As Julian continued to sing, Logan watched on while trying to figure out what he was going to fuck the actor on first. His bedroom wall…the floor….maybe even the stage if all these girls beat it out of here fast. 

"They used to tell me I was silly…until I popped up on the TV." Julian smirked, a wave of shouts, most of them "GRANT!" rising from the raging audience. 

Julian jerked his hips up before doing a backflip off a lifted platform, and Logan fucking whimpered. Thank god it was dark back here, otherwise Julian would be mocking both him and Logan Jr. too. 

The dance moves seemed all spontaneous, and Logan had known Julian could dance, but not…quite like this. It was like he was so incredibly seductive without being dirty, and it still held the performing quality. Also the fact he incorporated his flips and one-handed cartwheels, which sometimes made his shirt ride up the little bit further before gravity brought the hem back down to cover tanned, toned skin. 

Logan swallowed thickly, and he hadn’t even realized the song was over. 

He now had two things to remember to do. 

1. Fuck Julian against every solid surface on campus tonight.

2. Convince Command him to wear that outfit like…..forever. 

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